Get Rid of That Black Cloud Forever

Do you know what to do when you feel the tiniest bit of melancholy?

Are you able to control this natural emotion and make use of it?

The more and more I live, the more I begin to think no one actually knows what is going on in your head.  Many things in everyday life prove this to me.  People are, however, able to sense subconscious signals and will subconsciously judge you based on those emotions that you harbor.  This is why it is important for you to feel good everyday.  People sense when you feel good, and they bond to you.  The ability to have people bond with you is one of the most important skills to have in life.

Many of us on the path of personal development get stuck in a rut of “my goals elude me” syndrome.  And this is a downward spiral.  The more you think about your goals and how you have not or feel as if you will not reach them, the lower you go on the grand spectrum of emotion.  For me, the most effective remedy of this type of “writer’s block” is to forget your dreams.  WHAT?  Yes, forget your dreams.  Forget every golden apple and every passive income you dream of.  Why?  Because they don’t exist.  Not yet at least.  You are not there yet, and getting to there does not involve being a drag to everyone around you because you didn’t achieve your personal development goal.  

Ground yourself.  Look at the situation logically.  You are a responsible adult who must lookout for him/herself.  Life’s challenges are not meant to show a person that they have chosen the wrong path or that the path has run dry.  The challenges are there to say that the reality world of time, bills, etc. will not go away.  It is up to you to find ways around and through them.  And chasing your dreams without a firm foot in “reality” (enter philosophers) ultimately leads to a dead end – an evolutionary dead end of the brilliant human mind.   

So that black cloud of slow or regressive achievement will not go away unless your goals are based in reality.  Think about buying a house for your parents.  About sending your kids to college.  About buying a Rembrandt.  Spending a week in Spain.  These base your thoughts in reality and make your goals more achievable.

What is reality?  Reality is making your workplace more livable or enjoyable vs. playing on internet forums thinking you will “improve yourself”.  Reality is always remaining open to new ideas and ways of doing things – because reality is never the same for even a split second.  

Want to figure out how to become successful?  Feeling bad after a while that nothing seems to happen?

Ask the question.

Live your life keeping the question in mind.

Watch the goal slowly manifest before your very eyes.

Still interested?

Keep living life, because it will waiver again between hopeful and hopeless.

Forget the goal and watch it come back without you even thinking about it.

Be amazed.

Life is amazing.

I love life.