How to Light Your Fire

It is something like laying down carpet in your house. People usually choose to use one unified color or style so that it fits in with the other colors, like the wall color for instance.  But what 95% of people do with their everyday lives is anything but unified.  People have work personalities, play personalities, parent personalities, etc.  So you lay down different colored and shaped carpets in your house.  Imagine your house is your life.  Do you walk on a unified, dedicated carpet, or a patchy mess?

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Finding passion is a lot about coming back home and walking on that familiar, comfortable patch of carpet.  Life is much more complicated and difficult with a patchwork carpet and frequently leads to circumstances out of your control taking over your interior decorating.

So what is waiting for you when you come home?  

Do you have cleverly placed reminders about what it is you are passionate about?  Art, books, personal messages, dry erase boards, emails, forum chats, websites?  Do you have messages waiting for you when you get home that remind you of your passions?  And do you feel inspired when you see those?  I have found that designing your ideal life is a lot like designing your ideal house.  Did you set your life up so that what deeply interests you has a key to your home and is allowed in at anytime, or does it have to always knock to be let in?      

THAT is you passion.  The things you leave your door open to.  And it is so much easier to take action when your passions are staring at you in the face, ready to be worked on, perfected, experimented with, shared, etc.  Keeping reminders of your passion around is like putting gasoline on a log – it primes it for combustion – and you only need a little spark for it to go all the way.

Everyday I don’t have to remind myself and re-kindle my passion, because everything that I’ve put forward in the world reminds me of what my passion is.  That is a good feeling.

How do you design the world around you?  I’d love to hear your own personal stories.